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Company Name: Outstrive
Address: 3rd Floor 399 Enzo building, Makati, Philippines
Phone: +1 (347) 891-7520

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Juan Belleza Jr
Team Leader
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines
639776459387 / 639155292409

Lea Jean Belleza
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines

James Tulabot
Team Leader

Allen Roel Costales
Sale Manager
522 Tanglaw St. Mandaluyong City Barnagay Plainview

Kristoff Salazar
Sale Team Leader
Unit 1414 Kumagawa Bldg River City Brgy 880 Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines

Xanty Octavo
Sale Manager
8137 Yabut Street Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City , Philippines

Virgilito Dada
Account Manager

Elton Danao
Sale Manager
639175048891 / 639991854086

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C) Banks duly accredited by the Commissioner with respect to receipt of payments internal revenue taxes authorized to be made thru banks. B) Pending decision on the admissibility of a hazardous substance being imported or offered for import, the Commissioner of Customs may authorize delivery of such hazardous substance to the owner or consignee upon execution by him of a good and sufficient bond providing for the payment of such liquidated damages in the event of default. If it appears to the Department that the hazardous substance can by relabeling or other action be made to comply with the requirements of this Article final determination as to the admission of such hazardous substance may be deferred and upon filing of a timely written application by the owner or consignee and the execution by him of a bond as provided in the provision of this paragraph. The Department may, in accordance with regulations, authorize the applicant to perform such relabeling or other action specified in such authorization, including destruction or export of such rejected hazardous substance.
Introductory discussions on the dominant schools of thought in this field familiarize students with the concept. The course looks into the role of law, including legal and judicial institutions, in economic development. Special attention is devoted to the experience of the Philippines, taking into account Supreme Court pronouncements involving economic policies, court inefficiencies, and efforts to reform the judiciary. This course discusses international labor law as it developed through the years under the auspices of the International Labour Organization . It covers international labor standards responding to the needs and challenges faced by workers and employers in the global economy as contained in ILO Conventions and Recommendations, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Tripartite declaration of principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy. The ILO enforcement mechanisms and the work of its major committees having oversight functions are also discussed. This course provides an overview of the historical development of international financial institutions as instruments of the post-war international order, and to understand where the IFIs are located in the overall context of economic development.

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The Commission’s existing one-circular-one-subject matter rule shall apply. Such circulars shall be sent to all existing pre-need companies, licensed sales counselors and other parties affected by the specific circular at the time of issuance. Each circular shall take effect after fifteen days from the date of issuance unless otherwise stated in the said circular. It shall also be posted in the Commission’s official website. Hence, all pre-need companies are hereby required forex scam to regularly visit the commission’s official website for circular updates. The commissioner may devise such other circular distribution methods as he may deem effective and speedy. He may accredit industry associations as official representatives of their members for the purpose of receiving the pre-need circulars. The report shall be duly certified to by a professional or an actuary as may be determined by the Commission and duly accredited by it as defined in these rules.

– On all policies of annuities, or other instruments by whatever name the same may be called, whereby an annuity may be made, transferred or redeemed, there shall be collected a documentary stamp tax of One peso (P1.00) on each Two hundred pesos or fractional part thereof, of the premium or installment payment or contract price collected. On pre-need plans, the documentary stamp tax shall be Forty centavos (P0.40) on each Two hundred pesos , or fractional part thereof, of the premium or contribution collected. Stamp Tax on Bonds, Debentures, Certificate of Stock or Indebtedness Issued in Foreign Countries. – On all bonds, debentures, certificates of stock, or certificates of indebtedness issued in any foreign country, there shall be collected from the person selling or transferring the same in the Philippines, such as tax as is required by law on similar instruments when issued, sold or transferred in the Philippines. Authority of Internal Revenue Officer in Searching for and Testing Taxable Articles. – Any internal revenue officer may, in the discharge of his official duties, enter any house, building or place where articles subject to tax under this Title are produced or kept, or are believed by him upon reasonable grounds to be produced or kept, so far as may be necessary to examine, test, discover or seize the same. On all nonmetallic minerals and quarry resources, a tax of four percent (4%) based on the actual market value of the gross output thereof at the time of removal, in the case of those locally extracted or produced; or the value used by the Bureau of Customs in determining tariff and customs duties, net of excise tax and value-added tax, in the case of importation. The FDA shall periodically determine and regulate, consistent with evolving medical and scientific studies, the manufacture, importation, sale, packaging, advertising, and distribution of vapor products, including banning the sale to nonsmokers or persons below twenty-one years old, and banning of flavorings. Manufacturers, distributors, and importers of heated tobacco products shall, within thirty days from the effectivity of this Act, and within the first five days of every month thereafter, submit to the Commissioner a sworn statement of the volume of sales and removals for each particular brand of heated tobacco products sold for the three-month period immediately preceding.


For the purpose of correcting errors specified in the next preceding paragraph, the Bureau is authorized to make refunds within the statutory time limit. As an alternative to reexportation or reimportation, the goods may be expressly abandoned or destroyed or rendered commercially valueless under customs control as the Bureau may decide. In such, case, the importer shall not be entitled to an abatement or a refund if it does not defray the costs of such abandonment, destruction, or rendition. The goods have not been worked, repaired, or used in the country to which, they were exported, and are reimported within a reasonable time. Stores necessary for the operation and maintenance of a vessel, aircraft, or train, in such quantities as are deemed reasonable for operation and maintenance during the voyage or flight, after due regard of the quantity of such stores already on board. Movement of Goods into and from Free Zones. – The entry of goods into a free zone, whether directly or through the customs territory, shall be covered by the necessary goods declaration for admission or transit. Withdrawal from the free zone into the customs territory shall be covered by the necessary goods declaration for consumption or warehousing.
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– Any person exercising police authority may demand the assistance of and request information from the Philippine National Police , the AFP and other national law enforcement agencies, when necessary, to effect any search, seizure or arrest. It shall be the duty of any police officer and other national law enforcers to give such lawful assistance. Exercise of Power of Seizure. – Any person exercising police authority under this Act has the power and duty to seize any vessel, aircraft, cargo, goods, animal or any other movable property when the same is subject to forfeiture or when they are subject of a fine imposed under this Act. Promulgation of Rules and Regulations. – The Commissioner, subject to the approval of the Secretary of Finance, shall promulgate rules and regulations for the enforcement of this Act. The Commissioner shall regularly prepare and publish an updated customs manual, and the rules, regulations and decisions of the Bureau. The Commissioner shall furnish the Congress of the Philippines, the NEDA and the Tariff Commission with electronic copies of department orders, administrative orders, circulars, and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this Act.

Roa, and Candelaria, only solidifies the veracity of their respective but similar conversations that Arriola indeed had not been authorized to sell Candelaria’s land. Despite full knowledge of such fact, Arriola still proceeded to represent himself as a duly authorized seller of the said lot. The falsity of Arriola’s pretenses is palpable in the records, and this establishes the first element of Estafa by misrepresentation. As with the semantics of the Authorization, the fax transmission was likewise bereft of any indication that Arriola, or anyone else, had been particularly entrusted with the sale of Candelaria’s property, other than the processing of its alleged documentation and the pertinent government transactions. Fraud, in its general sense, is deemed to comprise anything calculated to deceive, including all acts, omissions, and concealment involving a breach of legal or equitable duty, trust, or confidence justly reposed, resulting in damage to another, or by which an undue and unconscientious advantage is taken of another. It is a generic term embracing all multifarious means which human ingenuity can device, and which are resorted to by one individual to secure an advantage over another by false suggestions or by suppression of truth and includes all surprise, trick, cunning, dissembling and any unfair way by which another is cheated. On the other hand, deceit is the false representation of a matter of fact whether by words or conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed which deceives or is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal injury.

– Any person, whose gross sales or receipts in any 12-month period exceeds the amount prescribed under Subsection 109 of this Code for exemption from the value-added tax shall register in accordance with Subsection hereof, and shall pay the annual registration fee prescribed within ten days after the end of the last month of that period, and shall be liable to the value-added tax commencing from the first day of the month following his registration. Persons Commencing Business. – Any person, who expects to realize gross sales or receipts subject to value-added tax in excess of the amount prescribed under Section 109 of this Code for the next 12-month period from the commencement of the business, shall register with the Revenue District Office which has jurisdiction over the head office or branch and shall pay the annual registration fee prescribed in Subsection hereof. Forfeiture of Tax Credit. – A tax credit certificate issued in accordance with the pertinent provisions of this Code, which shall remain unutilized after five years from the date of issue, shall, unless revalidated, be considered invalid, and shall not be allowed as payment for internal revenue tax liabilities of the taxpayer, and the amount covered by the certificate shall revert to the general fund. Section 214.Redemption of Property Sold.

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Provided, That the rates of tax imposed under this Subsection shall be increased by five percent (5%) every year effective January 1, 2024, through revenue regulations to be issued by the Secretary of Finance. Provided, That the rates of tax imposed under this Subsection shall be increased by five percent (5%) every year effective on January 1, 2024, through revenue regulations issued by the Secretary of Finance. Selling heated tobacco products to persons below twenty-one years old shall he prohibited, and shall be punished with a fine of Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) and imprisonment of thirty days. The rates of tax imposed under this Subsection, shall be increased by five percent (5%) every year effective on January 1, 2024 through revenue regulations issued by the Secretary of Finance. The rates of tax imposed under this Section shall be increased by four percent. (4%) every year thereafter effective on January 1, 2014, through revenue regulations issued by the Secretary of Finance. Every brewer, manufacturer or importer of fermented liquor shall, within thirty days from the effectivity of this Act, and within the first five days of every month thereafter, submit to the Commissioner a sworn statement of the volume of sales and removals for each particular brand of fermented liquor sold at his establishment for the three-month period immediately preceding. The rates of tax imposed under this Section shall be increased by six percent (6%) every year thereafter effective on January 1, 2025, through revenue regulations issued by the Secretary of Finance.
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Bu) “Supplier” means a person, other than a consumer, who, in the course of his business, solicits, offers, advertises, or promotes the disposition or supply of a consumer product or who other than the consumer, engages in, enforces, or otherwise participates in a consumer transaction, whether or not any privity of contract actually exists between that person and the consumer, and includes the successor to, or assignee of, any right or obligation of the supplier. Bm) “Sales Promotion” means techniques intended for broad consumer participation which contain promises of gain such as prizes, in cash or in kind, as reward for the purchase of a product, security, service or winning in contest, game, tournament and other similar competitions which involve determination of winner/s and which utilize mass media or other widespread media of information. It also means techniques purely intended to increase the sales, patronage and/or goodwill of a product. Bh) “Referral selling” means the sales device employed by the sellers wherein the buyer is induced to acquire goods or services by representing that after the acquisition of the goods or services, he will receive a rebate, commission or other benefit in return for the submission of names of potential customers or otherwise helping the seller enter into other sales, if the receipt of such benefit is contingent on an event occurring after the sale is made. Bd) “Price tag” means any device, written, printed, affixed or attached to a consumer product or displayed in a consumer repair or service establishment for the purpose of indicating the retail price per unit or service.

LAW ON Sales

Republic Act 1125, entitled “An Act Creating the Court of Tax Appeals,” had been amended by RA 3457, RA 9282 and RA 9503. Under RA 9282 , the jurisdiction of the Court of Tax Appeals was expanded, elevating its rank to the level of a collegiate court. Its organizational structure was also enlarged y RA 9503 with the creation of another Division to hasten resolution of tax cases. Currently, there are three divisions in the CTA. For this purpose, financial support includes utilization of government resources such as land use, water appropriation, power provision, and budgetary support provision under the annual General Appropriations Act.

  • The term ‘exploration expenditures’ means expenditures paid or incurred for the purpose of ascertaining the existence, location, extent or quality of any deposit of ore or other mineral, and paid or incurred before the beginning of the development stage of the mine or deposit.
  • The subsidiary journals shall contain such information as may be required by the Secretary of Finance.
  • The fines to be imposed for any violation of the provisions of this Code shall not be lower than the fines imposed herein or twice the amount of taxes, interest and surcharges due from the taxpayer, whichever is higher.
  • Refund of Duties and Taxes.

This course introduces students to the development of international protection for indigenous peoples and to the constitutional and domestic framework of protection for indigenous Filipinos. It examines more closely International Labour Organization conventions affecting tribal populations, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and relevant international law decisions. A multidisciplinary approach is applied to enlighten students on the impact of formal legal systems on the property rights and relations of indigenous peoples within their ancestral domains, including their traditional culture and practices. This course contains an introduction to the study of the Philippine Electric Power Industry and examines Republic Act No. 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 and related laws, rules, and regulations. It seeks to address the fundamentals of law practice in the electric power industry, particularly negotiation of power supply contracts, power supply contract drafting, review of power supply contracts, and utilities regulation.

The Revenue Collection Officer, upon approval by the Revenue District Officer may, out of his collection, advance an amount sufficient to defray the costs of collection by means of the summary remedies provided for in this Code, including ;the preservation or transportation in case of personal property, and the advertisement and subsequent sale, both in cases of personal and real property including improvements found on the latter. In his monthly collection reports, such advances shall be reflected and supported by receipts. Section 208.Procedure for Distraint and Garnishment. In that case, Air Philippines Corp. , a company engaged in air transportation services, purchased chemical lubricants from Pennswell, a company that manufactures and sells industrial chemicals, including lubricants.

As amended by Sec. 20 of the TRAIN. Previous deadline for the fourth installment was April 15 of the following calendar year. To clarify, the deadline for filing the annual income tax return and payment of the income tax payable therein is still April 15 of the succeeding calendar year pursuant to Sec 51 of this Code. Registered business enterprises currently availing of the five percent (5%) tax on gross income earned granted prior to the effectivity of this Act shall be allowed to continue availing the said tax incentive at the rate of five percent (5%) for ten years. Provided, further, That the importers who subsequently export fuel, subject to the appropriate rules of the fuel marking program, may apply for a refund of duties and taxes, as applicable under Republic Act No. 10863, otherwise known as the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act, and this Code.. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the importation of COVID-19 vaccine shall be exempt from import duties, taxes and other fees, subject to the approval or licenses issued by the Department of Health or the Food and Drug Administration. Enhanced Net Operating Loss Carry-Over . — The net operating loss of the registered project or activity during the first three years from the start of commercial operation, which had not been previously offset as deduction from gross income, may be carried over as deduction from gross income within the next five consecutive taxable years immediately following the year of such loss. Disposition of National Internal Revenue. – National Internal revenue collected and not applied as herein above provided or otherwise specially disposed of by law shall accrue to the National Treasury and shall be available for the general purposes of the Government, with the exception of the amounts set apart by way of allotment as provided for under Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991.

  • If they wish to take CLED 101-B, they should first take CLED 101-A in the immediately preceding semester.
  • The constructive distraint of personal property shall be effected by requiring the importer or any person in possession or control of such property to sign a receipt covering the property, to obligate to preserve the distrained property on the state and condition at the time of the government’s seizure of the same, and not to dispose of the same in any manner whatsoever, without the express authority of the Commissioner.
  • If such officer is an alien, he shall, in addition to the penalties prescribed, be deported without further proceedings after service of sentence.
  • The pre-need company shall make monthly deposits to the trust fund in an amount determined by the accredited actuary, sufficient to pay the benefits promised under the contract.

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